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The Strand Challenge

Let it be your secret-no one will believe you color your hair yourself. 

Extraordinarily beautiful hair color begins with a healthy foundation. Begin with an unhealthy foundation, and your results will be ordinary. No One wants to be ordinary! Unsure of how analyze your hair condition? 
A strand consultation will give you an exact answer.

1) Can you easily comb the tangles from your hair after shampooing without a conditioner?

2) When blow-drying, can you easily run a brush or comb through your hair?

3) Are your ends considerably lighter or darker than your new growth?

4) Are your ends frizzy, dry or damaged?

5) Has your hair recently been colored and/ or permed, or have you relaxed it?

6) Is your hair one length or cut into layers?
For this question: on one length hair, give yourself 2 points; if your hair is cut into layers, give yourself 1 point.

7) Do you often blow dry and/or use other heat styling tools on your hair?

8) When in the sun, do you protect your hair with a sunscreen or hat?

Scoring: 1 point for all 'no' answers, 2 points for all 'yes' answers. If your scored 7 or less, your hair is in good condition A score of 8 to 14 points means your hair needs to be re-conditioned. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web