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So Many Hair Color Change Choices!

Which Different Hair Color, Change or Technique Is Best For You?

Change Your Hair Color

Standing in front of the hair color aisle, it's easy to feel totally overwhelmed! Where to begin? Which type of hair color lasts the longest? Is it available in my desired hair color shade? Will it lighten my hair? Cover my gray? Be hard to grow out?

Change Your Hair Color Technique

Change in hair color today falls into one of three different categories or techniques:

  1. Temporary or 'semi-permanent' color: Like a different 'makeup' for your hair? This color washes away with only one shampoo. More..
  2. No-ammonia hair color comes next. This color shares some-but not all of the same characteristics of semi-permanent color, no-ammonia hair color is longer lasting, averaging about 4-6 weeks. Using a no-ammonia hair color requires very little coloring expertise or knowledge of techniques. A bit like dyeing a garment, this color fades away in a short time period. More..
  3. Permanent hair color. This change is the most dramatic and long lasting of the three hair colors. Beautifully done, permanent hair color can vividly reshape your appearance. Improperly chosen this hair color change can be the beginning of what sometimes feels like a never ending nightmare. More...

Remember, porosity plays an important role in how your hair color will "take". A strand test is always a smart technique. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web