Color Your Hair With Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Your Hair Color Engine

Like to rev up your hair color engine but not race? Wonderful nuances of color can be added to your light to medium hair color with semi-permanent hair color. Semi-permanent hair color (also known as temporary hair color) can help to blend away your first grays, maintain the intensity of your hair color, tone an undesirable hair color or allow you to "try on" a new color.

The Hunt for Semi Permanent Hair Color

As I looked for examples of semi-permanent hair color, the hunt was sparse. Professionally, most hair care companies now have hair color shampoos and hair color conditioners. My favorites are Redken's Color Extend Injection and Aveda's Color Shampoos and color conditioners. Sally Beauty carries a hair color product line named Aura. Their hair color shampoos in Blue Malva, Clove, Chamomile and Madder Root mimic Aveda's colors. I also found Motions Color Return conditioner in Pretty Grey, Chocolate or Nutmeg Brown and Burgundy or Auburn Red.

Hair Color Shampooing

For best results, towel dry your hair before using your hair color shampoo or conditioner. On darker hair, a semi-permanent hair color may struggle to be noticed. For more depth of color, I recommend using your hair color shampoo or conditioner a second time-the more consecutively these hair color products are used, the greater their intensity. On very light hair, a soft red may give your hair a hint of strawberry, a darker red may turn it PINK! Do a strand test!

Longer Lasting Hair Color

Do you love what semi-permanent hair color does for you're hair-just wish it would last longer? Or be more intense? You may be ready for no-ammonia hair color.