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Professional Hair Color Advice from Minerva, the Hair Color Expert

Hair Color Levels and Undertones

Hair Color Undertones are the natural nuances of color that peek through as you lighten your hair with permanent haircolor. Subtle golden to BOLD red tones-much like those left over after a summer in the sun make their appearance. Minerva, our hair color expert advises "Even a slight understanding of undertones will make others turn their head as they notice your fabulous hair color!"

Fighting Brassy Hair Color

The most difficult aspect of both professional and at home hair color is counteracting brassiness also referred to as "excessive warmth".

Brassiness comes in the form of screaming orange to baby chicken yellow and occurs when hair is lightened to a level that conflicts with the undertones of your hair.

Allow our hair color expert guide you with her great advice for controlling brassy hair color.

Mixing Hair Color

Sometimes no matter how many different brands of hair color you try, the color-that you feel is truly 'you' eludes you. One hair color is too light, the next too dark. One color is too gold, the next too neutral or ash, too drab, too boring! Minerva's expert advice is to Mix your color! Don't be afraid to mix! Minerva would love to teach you how!

Hi-Lighting - Our Hair Color Expert Advice

Become a hair color expert as Minerva lends her advice for hi-lighting your hair. Hi-lighting adds dimensions, brightness, interest to your hair color. Our site can help you to have your most beautiful hi-lights without any worry of brassiness – You'll love your new hair color! © 2016 Design by InVogue Web