Permanent Color

To Commit or Not To Commit

That is the question. Like buying a sexy red sports car, permanent haircolor is a commitment. Go from the subtle to the extreme - from just a tiny bit of brightening to a totally different shade. Do you dream of burnished copper hues reminiscent of your summers spent in the sun? Or do you dream of starring on the "Style" channel, receiving a total makeover?

Permanent Haircolor

Do you desire glamour and glitz --go blonde! Sophistication?-Go brunette. Want head-turning style?-- Think red, red, RED! Truly beautiful haircolor is all in the details. Andie McDowell and Sara Jessica Parker make it all look so easy. They however, share an advantage that most of us unfortunately lack-a specialized team who are there every moment to help them achieve their best look. The dream of every haircolorist-at-home is to achieve that same beautiful haircolor -without the high price tag.

Avoid the high price tag of haircolor. Allow this site to give you the expert advise to make your color look extraordinarily expensive: