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Brown to blonde, at home salon beautiful high-lights are easy and certainly less expensive.

Home Highlighting Tips

1) First analyze the thickness of your hair relative to the amount of high-lights you desire. It's always easier to lighten fewer strands and add more later.

  2) Consider the shape of your face. If the roundness of your facial shape has always been a bother, accent more hair in the temples to draw the eye upward, On the other hand, highlighting the sides of the face adds width, lessening a long narrow face. Long pointed chin?  Emphasize your crown with a few more or lighter highlights to attract the eye away from the chin.

 3) Home highlights are best done with a highlighting cap or visually brushed on. While some home colorists use foils, this site does not recommend this technique. The possibility for error is too great,

Feeling creative? Paint on highlights to accent your bangs or the hair that frames your face. Complete control to place your highlights exactly where you'd like them to be. Want to be a bit more creative, this is a great technique to weave in more than one color. For beautiful multi dimensional color.  

A highlighting cap, are best your haIf your hair is thin, pull fewer strands through the high-lighting cap. With thicker hair, pull more-and if desired, heavier strands through the cap.  Wonderful versatility can easily be achieved when you use different size high-lighting needles purchased from Sally Beauty. A larger size need is ideal for a heavier high-lighting around your face while a smaller needle will give a less dramatic effect.

3) Home high-lighting kits are very generous with the amount of lightener included in the kit. You may not need  the entire amount-if not, you'll be able to use it for another high-lighting. Begin by mixing only one half of the lightener with the developer-if more is needed, mix more. Once the lightener has been mixed, it cannot be reserved for a future application.

   4)  Achieving blonde high-lightes in the correct color range can sometimes be a delicate balance. ! Don't remove the cap when you think your hair has lightened to your desired degree. Instead rinse the lightener, towel dry your lightened hair and inspect the results. Brassy hair color can result when you rinse the lightener too soon. How do you fix this hair color issue ?  

  The most beneficial aspect of using a cap to do your home high-lights is that it allows you to correct your high-lights easily and without affecting your other hair. Simply reapply the lightener and leave it on a little longer. 


Toning the color is another answer

Brown hair w/ high-lights.

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