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Pre/Post Conditioning

Just as you would never apply an expensive facial moisturizer without first cleansing your skin,home hair color that no one can believe you did yourself should first begin with clean, well-conditioned hair. This very easy first step will make the difference in how your hair color turns out. Uncertain of the specific care to give your hair to achieve unbelievable results, I'd love to help with a customized strand consultation.Conditioning hair for Coloring


Begin with a clarifying shampoo. A clarifier will remove mineral deposits left over from hard water, a common problem. Conditioners as well as styling products also leave residue on your hair that normal shampooing cannot completely remove. Left unattended, these buildups can hinder the porosity of your hair, affecting how hair color is accepted by your hair.

Uneven or unwanted color may be the outcome if you fail to use a clarifier. There's always the possibility that you won't encounter a negative result, but hey! a clarifier is so easy to use, why risk it? Prevention is the key and like many things it's much easier to prevent problems from occurring from the onset, rather than having to correct complex color problems after the fact.  L'oreal Ever Pure Cleansing Balm for color treated hair is an exceptional clarifyer that won't wash your color down the drain.

How to tell if a clarifier is necessary? A strand test is always a smart technique. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web