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    • Toning

      Like Polishing Silver, Toning Restores Your Hair To Its Best Hair Color

         "Laws" Of Hair Color Toning 

              Color shampoos and conditioners, hair color glazes and demi-permanent hair color such as Natural Instincts or Ion Demi-Permanent hair color are all examples of  toners.  

      A toner will work best on well-towel dried hair.

      To "refresh" your faded hair color or jazz up your color w/ some red or gold, select a hair color similar to the color that you are attempting to achieve.

      Recognize that the ends of your hair may be more porous, and may therefore easily darken deeper than your expectations. Applying the toner to your ends just before rinsing is another option.

      Use a toner to counteract undertones                  

         "Ash" is the descriptive term associated with green-the counteracting tone for red hair. Levels 1, 2, 3 even 4&5-black, black brown, very dark brown, (Personal note: Level 5 hair color is often called a medium brown. I strongly feel that it is much closer to a dark brown than a medium brown.)

      •       "Smokey", "cool", "beige" and yes, sometimes "ash" refers to blue. Blue based hair colors balance orange. Brassy orange tones appear as medium to  light brown hair (levels 6 & 7 ) is lightened.  
      •      "Platinum", "icy"" champagne" and once again, "ash" is purple based which counteracts yellow.  (When counteracting yellow, be sure that the hair is actually yellow- (level 9 or above) not light gold-( level 8,8 1/2). Why?  Look at the color wheel in the picture in the video on the color wheel page. Purple is made up of red and blue. The red portion of purple will intensify the gold undertone. Instead of solving your challenge, it will only become more complicated.

      Toning-especially in the case of corrective hair color can be challenging. A strand test is always recommended. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web