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Tint Back

A-h-h the beauty of autumn. Minerva says "often I wish for my hair to glow with the warmth of this glorious season. I tire of continually hi-lighting. I long for my darker, more natural hair color."

Choosing to color your hair back to your more natural hair color is considered advanced hair color. As such it is always a very Smart Technique to follow the guide lines below.

Your first priority must be to visit the Strand Challenge. Also if your hair is highly lightened or if your ends are stressed-as most hair requiring a tint back is, a strand test should not be thought of as an extra step, but rather as the first step in this color process.

  1. After you have answered the strand challenge questionaire, Preeminent Conditioning offers important advise that assures your hair is in the best possible condition to proceed.
  2. Minerva advises that a good hair trim from your stylist before this hair color is always a smart technique.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the hair color that you will be using.
  4. Lo ammonia hair color is always a better choice than permanent haircolor when returning your hair to its more natural color.
  5. Because of the very nature of haircolor and of porosity, your newly colored hair will fade in depth. (This is less an issue when you have taken the time to correctly recondition your hair.) With this in mind, don't be afraid to select a color that, after slight fade-age will still give your desired color. Remeber this too as you dry your hair after coloring. If your color is slightly darker than you desired, generally a few shampoos will remedy the problem.
  6. Your initial hair color will determine the necessary steps to achieve your desired color.
  7. To blend or completely cover faded or brassy hair ends, choose the appropiate hair color and apply following time recommendations. Minerva advises "Since your ends are lighter than the rest of your hair, apply the color first to those ends-being sure to saturate them well. During the last 10 minutes of timing, comb the remaining color thru the rest of your hair." (Remember the results will always be significantly better when the above pre-coloring steps are followed.)
  8. When coloring slightly lightened highlights you may use the same advise as above.
  9. However, if your hair is more than slightly lightened, "filling" your hair before applying the final color will assure a "truer" color and also that the color will last longer.

Please note that all of the information contained in Advanced Techniques should be followed apecifically. The power of a strand test cannot be under stated. Schedule uninterrupted time for this color. You certainly don't want to be multi-tasking as you apply any of these color techniques. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web