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Red Hair Color. The best red hair color is like a bit of Tabasco, a flame that thrills your fans.


Red Hair? It's Simple

   Step out of your comfort zone. Red hair color with all of its exquisite tones can be worn by anyone. Sharon Osbourne, clearly a person with cool skin tones, wears her red hair  beautifully. She would not be the same with ash brown hair color. Learn how to let your red hair color lead you straight to a new reality w/ these tips:

As with all hair color, the secret to choosing the perfect red hair color is accentuating your skin tone with your hair color's underlying tones. In other words, just as skin tones fall into one of two categories-cool or warm, so too does your red hair color. A red hair color with "warm" undertones will look best on warm skin tones.Copper reds, auburn, ginger, bronze and bold red are most flattering on warm skin tones. Cool skin tones will be most flattered in mahogany reds as well as burgundy reds.
 When Coloring your hair red, the basic laws of color are still relevant. While it's true  that you will working "with" your undertones, coloring your hair red can have its own challenges.
1) Lightening red hair-like all lightening,should be limited to no more than 2 shades.
2) A"hot scalp" is caused when the natural heat from your scalp accelerates the processing of the hair color at the scalp. The color throughout the rest of the hair is exactly the color you were hoping for, but the color at the roots screams RED!
Noticeably Red 

Robyn has just landed a job at a very eclectic graphic design firm. She wants her hair to "shout" her creativity. Robyn's natural hair color is medium brown, a level 6. She has a vision of her hair becoming a vibrant copper. 


1 3/4 oz.9.03 Light Golden Blonde (to sufficiently lighten her natural medium hair color while encouraging a golden tone)* with 1/4 oz .7.43 Red Penny (to add depth)  and more red/orange color-which equals copper.

2 oz. peroxide ( total amount of formula-4 oz). 

The result: beautiful medium copper red hair color.(level 8).


strand test is always a smart technique when mixing hair color. After coloring your hair the first time, decide if you would have liked it a bit more red (add more copper) or less (decrease the amount of copper add to your formula).                 

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