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Hair Porosity. "Grab" their attention with envy evoking hair color.Porosity of hair

What is porosity?

Porosity as it pertains to hair color, is the manner in which your hair receives hair color. Although it's normal for hair color to fade about a level (or shade) over the course of a month, when your color fades more than a level over a month or much more quickly, it is marked by poor porosity.

Like a dirt road full of potholes on a rainy day, the integrity of your hair is challenged everyday by blow drying, heat styling and especially chemical services such as keratin smoothing treatments and hair color. With time your hair develops its own unique version of potholes. Hair porosity problems begin here.

How do I know if my hair has poor porosity?

1) Shortly after coloring your hair, your color fades to a brassy undesirable color.

2) The color is layered with undesirable shades of green,

  1.     3)  Your hair color is too dark and "muddy" looking.

Is it possible to "cure" my poor porosity? 

Yes. First think about having your hair trimmed before coloring. You'll get rid of old frayed ends that tend to be naturally porous. 

Use a clarifying shampoo to assure your hair color will be applied to a clean, healthy slate. (Picasso would never begin a new painting on a dirty canvas! And neither should you.) which ones?

Revlon Porosity Control Treatment balances the porosity in your hair:

Salon beautiful hair color will be yours when a little extra attention is given to the health of your hair porosity. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web