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Glossary of Termsthinking about hair color terms


Artificial Haircolor


This phrase refers to your natural hair when altered with a permanent wave or hair color.

Deposit-only hair color

Deposit-only hair color simply adds color. The perfect choice to use as a toner, to refresh the ends of your hair or as a corrective color. Unable to lighten your hair, both semi-and demi permanent (no-ammonia) haircolor fall under this category.

Hair Color

Throughout this site, when printed as two separate words, this term implies the (natural or artificial) shade of your hair.


When printed as one word, this term implies artificial haircolor. Throughout this site, the word "color" may be used interchangeably.

Virgin hair

A rare sighting! When your hair hasn't been even remotely touched with haircolor or a permanent wave solution, it is considered virgin hair. Is your hair sun-streaked? Enviromentally challenged? Challenged as well as a result of heat sytling? All of these factors affect the porosity of your hair therefore.

Semi-Artificial Haircolor

Wash and wear haircolor. Ideal as a means to "try-on" haircolor, blend away your first grays or even as a costume hair cosmetic, semi-permanent haircolor vanishes with just a shampoo. Minerva cautions however that porosity can make your semi-permanent color a bit more permanent. A strand test is always a smart technique!

Permanent haircolor


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