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Blonde Hair Ideas

How Do I Go Blonde?

    Dyeing to go blonde?  From  simple highlights to ombre' to sombre' hair color, there are so many different colors and coloring techniques to choose from, why waste another moment? To find the perfect blonding technique and coloring type to become your idea of a bombshell blonde, keep reading: 

1. Who doesn't love blonde hair minus the upkeep? Sombre' and Ombre' hair color gives you exactly that. Single process hair color, just like what you would use to color your entire head of hair, can be used to create luscious tones such as cinnamon, caramel, or auburn red. Known as "sombre" , this coloring technique seeks subtler color contrast between your darker natural hair color and your lightened ends. When using hair color for this technique, the same "rules" apply that apply to all-over hair color.  Pay particular attention to the levels of both your natural hair color and the hair color you are using. Strand testing is priceless. Sombre' hair coloring is best suited for darker levels of natural hair color (levels 4-6.5) that struggle to lighten all the way to blonde because of its depth of color.

   Off  the scalp lightener-or highlighting bleach is most often used for ombre' hair color. Lighter than sombre' color, ombre hair color is bolder. Same technique, different product. It's best for hair that is no darker than dark brown (level 6) because of the risk of  brassiness. 

2. All over hair color that is light enough to create blonde is-sorry to disappoint- most successful on naturally lighter hair (light brown hair color level 8 and lighter is best). A common mistake when lightening hair to blonde with one process hair color is asking the product to lighten beyond its limits resulting in brassy golden red hair color.

"Hi-lift" hair color lightens hair up to four levels more. Depending on the depth of the hair being lightened, that could be enough to get "beyond" many strong undertones-to a pretty blonde. Strand testing will tell if either one process hair color or high-lift hair color will give you the result you are hoping to achieve. The time spent as well as the sleepless nights saved are priceless.

3. "On scalp" lighteners (or bleach) lighten more than high-lift hair color but less than highlighting bleach. S-o-o, this lightener is called upon most often when hi-lift hair color is still not enough. Like all other hair color, it has limits which a strand test will answer before use.

4. Highlights, like sombre' hair color can be lightened with any of the above techniques though they are most often done with highlighting bleach.

2.  Know the capability / limitation of the coloring product u r using.

3.  Watch utube videos.

 4.  Have a friend help you.  Even if only applying a one step hair color.

 5.  Pages that blondes should be linking to:

       Undertones, (pigments), colorwheel, 

1) Lighten your hair to a lighter color by a shade or two. Add highlights to give a lighter appearance. It isn't necessary to highlight all of your hair. A few accent highlights through the top or around your face will make your ordinary hair color extraordinary!

    i.e. On medium brown hair, choose  8.1B Champagne Blonde L'oreal Preference Liquid Creme Hair Color. Mix w/ 20 volume peroxide. The resulting color will be a soft "bronde" color. To give an appearance of an overall lighten hair color, add highlights.

2) Lighten your hair a bit more. A strand test is highly recommended in this instance. If needed, a toner can soften/correct the shade. Recognize that the greater the disparity between your natural hair color and the lighter shade you desire/achieve, the more quickly and noticeable your new growth will be.

    i.e. On medium brown hair, choose 9BB Extra Light Beige Blonde. While the beige in this formula will help counter an orange/gold undertone, a bit might still be present. The solutions, depending on how much toning is necessary vary:

    John Freida Colour Refreshing Gloss-for minimal toning. 

    Natural Instincts beautifully tones your hair .

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