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Blonde Hair Ideas

How Do I Go Blonde?

 Going blonde demands that you take the time to do a bit of analyzing before starting. Attempting to dramatically lighten hair from a dark brown to a light blonde with a single step hair color simply isn't possible. Failure to recognize this basic rule of hair color always creates undesirable brassy hair. There are techniques to get beyond the brassiness, continue reading to learn more.

Ask yourself, "how dark is my natural color hair relative to the degree of lightness I'd like to achieve?"  The easiest hair color to lighten to blonde is already light in color. When natural hair color is medium brown or darker, there are special ways to color your hair that will give a  better result.

1) Lighten your hair to a lighter color by a shade or two. Add highlights to give a lighter appearance. It isn't necessary to highlight all of your hair. A few accent highlights through the top or around your face will make your ordinary hair color extraordinary!

    i.e. On medium brown hair, choose  8.1B Champagne Blonde L'oreal Preference Liquid Creme Hair Color. Mix w/ 20 volume peroxide. The resulting color will be a soft "bronde" color. To give an appearance of an overall lighten hair color, add highlights.

2) Lighten your hair a bit more. A strand test is highly recommended in this instance. If needed, a toner can soften/correct the shade. Recognize that the greater the disparity between your natural hair color and the lighter shade you desire/achieve, the more quickly and noticeable your new growth will be.

    i.e. On medium brown hair, choose 9BB Extra Light Beige Blonde. While the beige in this formula will help counter an orange/gold undertone, a bit might still be present. The solutions, depending on how much toning is necessary vary:

    John Freida Colour Refreshing Gloss-for minimal toning. 

    Natural Instincts beautifully tones your hair .

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