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How To Color Your Hair At Home In Your Pjs 

   I've never understood why diy hair color companies refuse to be truly authentic. The quality of over the counter hair color has never been better. Of the 60% of women who have their hair colored worldwide, 50% othose women color it themselves. Why not give genuine instruction that would give the incredibly beautiful results their advertisements always promise?

1) Know your destination. You would never plan your vacation before knowing where you want to go. By knowing the color you want to achieve, the necessary steps to get there will be more clear. 

2) Be cognizant that the greater the difference between your desired hair color and your own natural hair color, the greater the chance of resulting brassy hair color. Consider lightening your hair slightly less and adding a few highlights to give the illusion of lighter hair color.         


3) All hair color brands promise dimensional hair color. Certainly the beautiful models on every box of hair color have  multi-dimensional color. Yet after a time or two most home hair color becomes monochromatic-or lacking in dimension. No natural hair color is monochromatic. Bring dimension back to your hair using these tips: 

     a) Color conditioners and glazes are a much better means to maintain your hair color than refreshing the ends with your permanent hair color formula. Apply your formula only to your roots refraining from "refreshing your ends". Then...

     b) Rinse the color from your hair. Allow the water to run thoroughly through your hair until the water runs clear. While it's hard to completely keep your hands away from your hair as you rinse, the more you are able do this, the better your color will be-it will maintain more of its natural dimension, hold onto the color longer and with any fading, less brassiness will occur. 

      c) If your colored hair is becoming monochromatic, apply a slightly darker hair color to your roots alone. Rinse as mentioned above. The darker hair color intertwined through your lighter hair will help give an appearance of dimension.

 4) Challenge resistant gray hair.  Leaving the hair color on your hair an extra 10 minutes is often the perfect answer to pull those gray hairs into line. When your gray hair still wants to declare its independence, a formulation change is in order:  

Normal hair color is mixed 1:1-One ounce of hair color to one ounce of developer. 

Instead mix: 1 1/4 oz (or slightly more) of hair color to 1 oz of developer. The extra hair color "pushes" more pigment into the hair, covering the gray. Strand testing will help answer the formulation. 

5) A strand test is a colorists best friend. There simply is no substitute. The few extra minutes it takes to do a strand test will give priceless results.

6) Sweet and Low Artificial Sweetener removes scalp irritation sometimes experienced when coloring hair.  Add a packet or two of to your formula. The hair color will still work its magic-with less irritation.

   7) If you do experience a rash, or any severe irritation when coloring your hair, don't hesitate to shampoo the color from your hair. Milk will most often calm the irritation. Be sure to do a skin patch test before applying hair color for the first time to discover any skin allergies. © 2016 Design by InVogue Web